Physics Lab

Physics Lab

The physics department has a well equipped, fully functional physics lab. along with dark room(for optics experiments) to fulfill the needs of under-graduate level students for better understanding of theoretical concepts. The major experimental apparatus in physics laboratory are as following:-

  • B-H curve apparatus
  • Apparatus for M.F lines for current carrying conductor
  • Fortin's Barometer
  • Apparatus for ionization potential of mercury
  • Kundt's tube apparatus
  • Newton rings apparatus
  • Sextant apparatus
  • Solenoid apparatus to study of Magnetic field
  • V.T.V.M
  • LASER- solid state laser and He-Ne laser
  • Spectrometer apparatus
  • Polarimeters
  • LCR- Resonance and impedance triangle apparatus
  • GM counter


Profesor Name
Balbir Singh Rajewal - President

Malwa Education Council, Bondli-Samrala

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Principal Name
Dr. Harinder Kaur - Officiating Principal

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  • Paper Presented at DAV College Amritsar on the topic "Women in freedom Struggle" on Dec 2012.
    A conference was organised at Malwa college ,Bondli-Samrala on "Peace & Security ". A need of a New paradigm on 9th feb,2013.
    Dr. Ranjan Garg
  • Indian History Congress university of Mumbai,Mumbai 28-30-2013.
    Title of Paper:-Evolution process of Agriculture in Punjab: A historical perspective.
    Seminar at D.A.V college Amritsar. Title of Paper:- Condition of Women in vedic Period.
    Dr. Harish Kumar
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    Prof. Harinder Kaur